Biometric time clocks and biometric access control systems

You are looking at the amazing Face5 facial recognition system which opens doors only for approved and enrolled people.

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The no touch solution to clocking and access control. Recognizes people by scanning facial features. Now more affordable with the latest technology.



Clocking with fingerprint or face recognition has never been easier. Clockwatch software calculates times according to company rules and feeds directly to payroll.



Keep out unwanted people and improve your safety. Records of all movement of people through the entrance. Secure your important assets.



ITATEC provides support for self-install purchases as well as full installations if needed. Read about many interesting projects completed by ITATEC.

  • Fingerprint identification

    Fingerprint ridges provide a unique pattern that is used to identify the person. Fingerprints work well in most situations. Workers in certain industries tend to lose their prints and also old people often have very smooth skin making fingerprint recognition unsuitable. Fingerprint technology is mature and is the most widely used biometric identification in clocking and access systems. It can handle very large numbers of people and is quick and cost-effective. See our range of fingerprint readers for clocking and access control. Read More

  • Face recognition

    Recognising facial characteristics is the method that human beings have always used. Recent technological advances have automated this in scanner devices. Typically, this method uses relative distances between common landmarks on the face to generate a unique "faceprint." This results in the most convenient clocking system available, which can be used while carrying parcels and with one’s hands dirty or damaged. Read about our Facial Recognition devices. Read More


    Every access control system needs a barrier to entry. We mostly supply electric locks which are added onto ordinary doors. More secure control is achieved with the use of turnstiles. There are many considerations when choosing the right device for each situation. Read about the pros and cons . Read More


    In construction, cleaning services, security and certain other organisations, clocking must be done away from the company premises. Portable readers are then used. They can be taken back to the office for data collection or can be linked over the GSM cellphone network to transfer the clocking data. Another option is to transfer data using a USB flash memory stick. For more information and product options. Read More

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“We at FT Services would like to thank the team at Itatec, but especially Don for the service that you have provided us with from day 1. You have handled our client The Workshop for the blind, with the upmost respect and didn’t hesitate to give support without asking for something in return. It is our pleasure to refer your company’s product, service and after sale service to our clients.”
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“As we are in the IT service field, we understand good service and great service, we yesterday received great service from Neil and his assistant, they are professional, knowledgeable, and the workmanship is top shelf.”


We are happy to apply our years of experience to your particular requirements. Ask our knowledgeable consultants for their suggestion of which system will work best for you. Then hand over to our experienced installation staff to implement the solution for you. Read about our helpdesk and how we respond to our customer support needs.



Itatec is based in Johannesburg. Itatec installs and supports all its products directly and through a network of installers and resellers around the country. Itatec also ships many systems to customers around Southern Africa using efficient courier companies. To see the areas that ITATEC installers cover, click on below button to see about us.

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