‘Time is money’ is an adage every successful business seriously believes in. If you want to survive such price wars and continue to make profits, then you need to adopt smart methods of improving your productivity and reducing your costs. One way of doing so is to get the most out of your employees and make sure that you pay them only for the time they have actually worked. This requires strict management of employee attendance. The system of maintaining log books and time sheets is long gone. Today, you have digital tools such as clocking in machines for monitoring attendance. It helps companies to keep track of the hours that the employees work, making those important tools for payroll.

The main reason for a clock in machine is to ensure that staff are punctually at the end of their shift and don’t leave before they are due to. The efficiency of a small business depends totally on the staff and those who are persistently late can actually benefit from these machines. These machines make it very easy to maintain daily records of the time every employee reports for duty and leaves after work. It is a very effective way of making an unpunctual person manage their time better in the morning as nobody wants to lose money, or in the worst case scenario their job, purely because their time management in the mornings is poor. It may seem a pain at first to organize yourself so you are out of the door in plenty of time to make it to work but it will soon become routine.

While not all companies use the systems, they come in very handy, especially for small businesses that have a large workforce. There are several reasons why it is a good idea to use clock in machine to enhance efficiency in your business.

Precise Tracking of Hours:-

The machines make it easy to track time because if it is left to the individuals or the employer, it is not possible to get precise records. With the machines in place, you can ensure that the attendance records are accurate and you do not have to worry about fraud. Without the time clocking system, trying to figure out the hours worked can be very difficult.

Make Processing Payroll Easier:-

The modern machines make it easy to record information that is relevant for payroll. The information is collected and transmitted to a central file and this helps to eliminate transcription errors or issues of delay. Apart from reducing the work of the payroll staff, it reduces cases of complaints due to errors. Manual transcription often leads to errors.

Determine Employee Presence:-

When you have to deal with many employees, it is very difficult to know when they are working and when they are away from the office. Trying to monitor employee presence in a busy company can be nearly impossible. It can be a real problem when something needs attention, or a customer needs help, and you do not know if the employee responsible is present.

Enforcing Company Policy:-

The advanced machines can be programmed to maintain the schedule of each employee and they can be used to monitor employee behavior. The system can inform the manager if an employee is late and it can also take note of any employees who have not taken a break by the end of the shift. The information obtained can be used to discipline some employees and encourage others to take breaks.

Time clock in machine have many benefits and the new systems can help to simplify life for employees who work outside the office. Payroll will pay wages depending on the data from the clocking system and managers will also check them to ensure everyone is punctual and in their place ready for their shift to begin. They don’t care if the dog was sick, the kids were mucking about or your car wouldn’t start, they work with facts and figures and that machine says you were late, simple as. Never try and get someone else to swipe in for you either as a) this proves you are aware of your tardiness and unwilling to do anything about it and b) you could both be dismissed.

  • The simple to install & use systems are a big help in improving the workers’ productivity by regulating their working time. They help in improving business performance by offering several benefits.
  • The machine gives an accurate record of time and attendance. Now-a-days, most of the businesses have started using biometric clock in systems that use a hand punch system. These employ fingerprint recognition software and thus, make it difficult for an employee to clock in for his colleague. These sophisticated systems are also not easy to tamper with, and promote discipline among the employees.
  • The machines help a business save a lot on costs. They help you in paying only the wages & salaries that are actually due. Besides, they are automated and do not require you to employ anyone to monitor them.
  • Several employers offer flexible working hours to their employees, these days. The clocking system is designed to monitor Flexi-timings too.
  • It helps an employer to be in complete control. You can view any employee’s attendance status instantly and spot a trend, if any, in his behavior. You can even easily calculate the labor costs for any job and measure its approximate profitability.
  • Undoubtedly, it is good to keep your employees happy and relaxed. However, you also need to make sure that you are not too lenient. The success of your business depends a good deal on ensuring that your employees fulfill their contractual obligations and put in the complete working hours that they are supposed to. A clocking system helps you do that.

Clocking in machines are great tools for monitoring and managing employee attendance and they help in improving your business productivity. Sophisticated payroll systems are not only for collecting data to calculate wages they are more than often used to identify repeat lateness or illness. This can provide management with efficiency reports and how to improve productivity in the workplace. As well as doing the obvious tasks the spin off application of clock in systems can have their advantages in the modern workplace such as fire report list’s (who’s in the building today) providing holiday planning making sure key personnel are not at the same time.

With the development of computer software and better time clocks the old fashioned time clock slowly disappears from our lives, but new and better tools are added daily to ensure employees’ time is well spent.