People find face scanners fun. The FACE5 needs you to look at the screen for a second and then it responds with a greeting and shows a picture of your face proving that it recognised you. This is great for those who have dirty or damaged hands. But even for everyone else, the simplicity and quickness is most impressive. The FACE5 is also incredible for basic access control - it is so convenient to not have to put your parcels down to unlock the door. Just show your face.

Key Features

  • Dual HD camera with infra-red
  • Capture distance 30-80cm
  • 10cm Colour Touch Screen
  • User number display and human voice prompt
  • TCP/IP connectivity|
  • USB flash drive data download
  • Fast face scan usually in less than 1 second
  • Capacity 300 face templates and 200000 records
  • Operating Voltage DC 5V
  • Size (WxHxD) 212 x 169 x 49 mm