A portable clock machine also known as a clock card machine, punch clock machine or time recorder which is a mechanical or electronic device that helps track the number of hours that an employee spends in a company. Time quite literally is money in the business world so by investing a relatively small amount of money you are able to reap the benefits of encouraging your staff to be on time to work. It is possible for a business to get an exact picture of the hours and attendance of the employees to make certain the working hours are calculated correctly by using one of the latest manual or portable digital time clock machines.

When introduced into markets as commercial products, were mechanical devices that used punch-cards. These portable machines were quite crude, and punched or printed days, dates and times on to cards given to employees. As demand for portable-clock-machine as attendance and timekeeping devices grew, the machines became more advanced. Electronic time-clock machine replaced the old mechanical ones. Cards with magnetic stripes on them were used. Soon after this, proximity cards and swipe-cards came into use. To realize this goal, the human resources department of a company must have an effective way of tracking and monitoring the time and attendance of employees. This will ensure that employees are using their time wisely.

Though organizations trusted their employees, this one drawback always stuck out like a sore thumb. As organizations started looking for more advanced and foolproof systems, breakthroughs in the field of biometrics paved the way for a new generation of time keeping and attendance devices. Biometric portable-clock-machine soon started selling in markets like hot cakes, and most organizations started making use of them. With inbuilt memory to store large amounts of data (check-in and checkout times, days, dates, employee ID numbers, etc.) and a variety of other features, including the provision for usage of security codes, biometric time clock machines are indispensable devices.

Modern clocks fulfill this need by providing companies with a system that will help the company run effectively. A biometric portable clocking machine used almost everywhere, not only because of its foolproof, even also its applications as security devices. It is used in factories, software companies, banks, hospitals and even in homes. Now, more than ever, it is vital to update our methods of time and attendance management. Traditional clocks fall short of the mark and fail to meet the needs of the modern office environment. Modern clock machines offer a comprehensive solution that will improve operations, simplify timekeeping, and save companies a lot of money.

Here are some major Portable Clock Machines given below which are highly recommended by the industry experts:

Keypad Entry:-

Keypad entry units are usually the most economical. The employee is assigned a code that he or she must key into the portable clock machine. This code, or pin number, is usually the same number (other than social security number) that identifies the employee. We would typically use the ADP file number for this if they were using ADP payroll service. And the same scheme applies to whatever payroll system/service the client is using. The advantage of the keypad entry is that no badge needs to be issued. You will save a lot of money on badges. Plus, badges can get lost. Another advantage is that you don’t need to purchase a badge reader, so it will be cheaper.

The disadvantage is that any employee can punch in for any other employee. A practice known as “buddy punching”. You can deter this (not prevent it) by placing a video camera by the unit (or one that looks like a video camera with a blinking red light). Some keypad entry units have a verification feature. In other words, the employee keys in the id number and the employee name displays. This also ensures that the id keyed in is a valid number. You want to make sure your unit does this. The last thing you want when you are completing payroll is to chase down a bunch of invalid entries caused by employees keying in erroneous numbers.

Biometric Clocking System:-

Biometric units also uniquely identify the employee by using hand recognition. You can select a type on the basis of the needs of your business. The most affordable and convenient type is biometric fingerprint time clock machine. These are cheap, portable and extremely easy to use. All your employees need to do is to touch a certain part of the clock. They are the best solution when it comes to preventing buddy punching because they work in all environments, clean or dirty. The downside is that they are also the most expensive.

Card Swipe / Bar Code Swipe:-

A card swipe unit has a badge reader and you clock in and out much like making a purchase at your local grocery store. There are two types: 1) magnetic card and 2) bar code. The magnetic cards come pre-numbered and essentially you assign a badge number to each employee at the time and attendance software. If an employee loses a badge, you just grab the next one and assign it. The bar code badges work the same, except that you can also purchase a bar code badge machine and add the employee’s picture, home department, if lost or stolen info, etc.

These clocking machines can be placed at crucial entrance points and each and every worker or employee needs to swipe his identity to register his attendance. Similar to this device, normal card swipe machine was used for decades. But, to access it, employees required a card to swipe and thus they started using the cards interchangeably. Though, such type of fraud was severely penalized, but it kept the management at its toes. The technology used before the punch machine was that of using time cards. These cards were not the best portable clocking machine, but were tamper proof. However, if the clock went slow, it reflected the wrong time in the attendance chart of the employee. And therefore this system soon lost its popularity to the much better portable clock machines.

Fingerprint Clock in Machine:-

Fingerprint Clock in Machine completely eliminates buddy punching by ensuring the employee who is clocking in, really is that employee. The employee essentially placing his or her finger on the portable clock machine and the employee is clocked in. The only disadvantage of the fingerprint Clock in Machine is that it does not work in an industrial environment. That is, an environment where there is excessive dirt or grease on the employee’s finger. This dirt or grease causes the fingerprint read to be distorted.

This can be used for businesses which cannot use fingerprint clocking machines. These portable clocking machines do not analyze fingerprints, but instead, they make use of the geometry of a person’s hand. They can effectively recognize an employee by the shape and type of his/her hand. You do not have to worry about any limitations with these clocks, since they can identify every user uniquely. All an employee needs to do is to place his/her hand on the clock and he/she will be granted access immediately.

However, if a company is able to install one of the latest computer controlled time clocks these are able to offer a much more accurate picture of the attendance of the employees. Many of the old-fashioned time clocks can be abused by employees clocking each other in and out. But with the latest digital versions, they are able to take extra steps to check on the identity of an employee punching in. For example, certain digital portable clocking machines are able to recognize the size and shape of an employee’s hand, which guarantees complete accuracy in recording the employee’s movements.

Portable time clock parts are stocked by manufacturers themselves as well as other companies who maintain inventories of biometric time clock parts of almost all leading manufacturers. Most of the biometric time clock parts are supported by manufacturer warranty. The biometric time clocking system is a great advantage for today’s business centers, which place more importance on goods, trade secrets, convenience, accuracy, and security. All in all, if a larger sized business is able to rely on the different types of time recorders, it makes the process of managing the employees and paying the right wage at the end of the month a much simple and straightforward process.