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ITATEC has put together some fantastic time and attendance systems where you have the option of choosing which solution suits your business's needs. Read about them below.

We also offer customized time and attendance solutions for our clients. For more information please contact us.

Centralised Reporting for A Multi-Site Organisation

Need your timekeeping results in a head office, but your people are at branches around the country? You need the ITATEC MULTI-SITE solution!

ITATEC has a number of integrated systems that move data from remote biometric readers to a central office. Methods include WAN, Internet, wireless and email. The robust readers can be either fingerprint or face scanners and they retain all the clocking data until it is transferred to the central computer.

Solutions are customized for each project so that the most cost-effective way is used to get up-to-date data when needed for payroll and management reporting.

Restricted Access with Turnstiles

Opening a door invites people to enter. Often unwanted people find their way into one’s premises. Turnstiles allow only one person to enter at a time. Combined with a biometric reader the turnstile automatically prevents unauthorized entry.

Turnstiles come in various designs. The full height type is the most secure, preventing access even when there is no supervision. Half height needs to be watched as they can be climbed over. There is also the supermarket type which also is difficult to squeeze past without being noticed. The newest designs use glass flaps that retract into the sides and allow a person to pass.

ITATEC biometric readers can be mounted on most types of turnstiles to the control who can enter.

Construction and Services Away from The Office

Portable biometric readers enable staff at remote sites to clock for work. The challenge of no electricity on the site can be met with battery powered models which are charged up overnight or solar powered solutions.

Clocking data is transferred to the office by a number of methods. The simplest is using a USB Flash Drive to visit each remote reader and download data. This can be sent to the office or can be taken to a laptop nearby and the data file is then sent by email. Another approach is to return the reader station to the office overnight for charging and for data download onto the LAN.

The most advanced solution is using the GSM cellphone network to link the office to all the remote reader stations. In this way, up to date clocking, data can be obtained any time of the day without the hassle of moving it physically. This method will work on sites that have cell phone data coverage.

Although fingerprint readers are by far the most popular in this market segment, face scanning readers are being used more often. They have the advantage of no touch and also are not subject to the quality of the finger surface which can be damaged or dirty from work in on the site.

Starting Small

The smallest of enterprises can also benefit from biometric clocking. The entry level devices are simple fingerprint readers that plug into a power point and are ready to work. They even calculate the weekly timesheets which are transferred onto a USB Flash Drive and can be viewed on any computer with a spreadsheet program.

Office Access Control

Enjoy the convenience of entry without keys or cards. Keep out unwanted visitors. We can install electric locks on the entrance doors and control them with fingerprint or face scanners. Although they cost a little more, the face scanners are so convenient when one is carrying items or bags and does not need to free up his hand. It also is more hygeic and no one needs to touch the dddeeevice.

Time and Attendance Also Called Timekeeping

Most of our systems come with a free reporting and management program. This provides basic clocking reports. However many applications where there are larger numbers of people working, the clocking rules are complex. Overtime is worked and company rules govern breaks and grace allowed. It is then necessary to move to a time and attendance program that automatically applies the rules and produces weekly or monthly time sheets. When Clockwatch is used, the final calculated times can be exported to be ready for import into your payroll program at the click of a button.

Our cutting edge Clockwatch time and attendance software will enable your business to run smoothly and efficiently. Read more about this excellent product.