Time and attendance are a human resource protocol designed to track actual employee hours and the leaves taken, in order to provide details for payroll. It is one of the largest categories of timesheet systems on the market and is a serious component of most payroll systems in manufacturing units, government, airports, border checkpoint, healthcare, retail, financial institutions, and educational organizations. Time and attendance helps to control time consuming in time tracking related processes. It is mainly used by companies which have more than hundreds or thousands of employees. It is used to simplify the workforce in the management of a company. Time and attendance provides a range of features including creation of comprehensive shift, rotation patterns, and pay schemes.

At the heart of time and attendance is a time tracking device. Different types of time and attendance equipment, systems, units, and software are available. In highly developed forms, devices can distinguish people simply by reading their fingerprint, hand or retinas. Time and attendance systems are designed to provide cost effective services in the areas of data collection, access control, job costs, and bell ringing. It offers all the features needed in the payment rules and the system capture time, edits, assign costs, accounting details and reviews, and approves timesheet submissions to payroll.

Time and attendance automatically compute employee wages and time using the payroll policies of the company. In addition, it gives a clear management report that helps to control over payment of employees and distribution of labor. By using this solution, job labor costs are forecasted and then compared to actual totals. Time and attendance helps to increase greater control over productivity by guaranteeing the accuracy needed in the business operations.

Most time and attendance packages offer schedule management that allows supervisors to maintain and create a schedule for each employee. Additionally, there are rules for scheduling the staff on the basis of overtime, holidays, absences, and break times. A number of companies choose software that allows staff to enter their flextime hours, vacation time, sick days, and other information directly.

These systems comprise of electronic time card style systems, freestanding polling, and memory-based clocks. It is convenient to monitor employee arrival and departure times with the help of a computer time clock. One of the prime benefits of this clock is that it records, employee time data in a database that helps managers to get easy access to employee information and tools to audit the information for exactitude. The electronic packages are also a fine way to offer scheduled management, which in turn, allows supervisors to establish and keep a timetable for every employee that include break times, holidays, and overtime if applicable.

Time and attendance software is probably one of the least comprehended of the payroll family products. In a manual system, the staff fills the time sheets. Payroll staff estimates payroll hours based on their knowledge and then punch in those payroll hours for every employee into a payroll system. On the other hand, if we talk about an automated system, employee punches the time in and out using this type of clock.

Benefits of Time and Attendance Units:

  1. Employee Satisfaction:

When a company has an electronic time and attendance units, there is no scope for human errors and employees feel satisfied with this. They understand that management is not putting wrong time to deduct their payroll and they are accurately getting paid for the time they have given to the company.

  1. No room for Errors:

Humans make mistakes, machines don’t. Same thing applies in the attendance system as well. If the attendance system is manually operated, there will be problems and human errors, but not with electronic system because you can only operate them through your fingerprints or employee ID.

  1. Increase in Productivity:

When you go electronic in your office, it will increase productivity. You now save on the employees who were earlier responsible for the manual attendance and it is easy and quick to get the attendance out of every employee by the end of the month. It also helps you to go paperless and save the environment.

  1. Security Benefits:

Installation of time and attendance system basically also depicts the movement of the employee. You can deny the access to employees in the accounts as well as storage department, if needed. This type of system also helps in increasing the privacy of management and different important departments.

  1. Save Money:

In a long run electronic time and attendance units save a lot of money for your company in terms of labor cost, security cost, paper cost etc. These systems are good for years and they are very easy to operate and maintain. Most of the companies prefer to have electronic systems to maintain their employee’s movement and increase the security of their office.

Recently, people have seen how effective it is to install the time and attendance system in the office. It yields a lot of benefits like improving the work efficiency of people as they take lesser breaks, come on time and do not leave before time. Most of the businessmen and employers have installed the clocking systems like fingerprint reader in their offices and companies respectively. Along with the installation, proper cleaning and maintenance is essential. There are several ways of taking care of them. Here are some of the best ways you can clean and maintain them.

The first step is to shut the power off and unplug the machine. Clean the scanning area with the soft piece of cloth. Do not use paper or any harsh material; it will make scratches and damage the device. If dirt is accumulated, you can remove it with the help of a blower.

You can also use the cotton swab and move gently on the sensor. You can use the ammonia based cleaner recommended by the manufacturer or provider. Move the cloth or cotton from top to bottom twice or thrice so that the surface gets cleaned properly. Once you clean with it, let the surface dry. Reconnect the device, and switch the power on once you are done with the cleaning process.

Once you clean it, you should take proper care of the machines. Make sure that you do not touch the fingerprint reader if your finger is oily or wet. Neither it should not be exposed to rain or moisture, nor should it be placed near any type of heat source. Now that you know the easiest and quickest ways to clean and maintain the clocking systems, it is advisable for you to get it cleaned to make it last longer.

In the end, we can certainly say that electronic time and attendance units are must have in today’s world because you want to have less liability for your company.